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What is the kindness tree?

The kindness tree is so cool because it has a big crochet heart that says kindness tree! We wanted to put a smile on people’s face when they see it driving or walking by. And to remind them to be KIND! People do love it. They stop and take pictures and the tree actually got a letter! We also love painting rocks for it that people can take with them.

How can I start my own?

Pick a tree any tree. But you probably want to be sure that if it's not a tree at your house that whomever's tree it is is ok with you decorating.  If you want a crochet heart like ours you can go to @yarnpowers on instagram. She made our heart and it is so beautiful. But you can also do your own or just decorate your tree with yarn and add painted rocks. It's so fun!


What are kindness rocks?

Kindness Rocks are painted rocks that have encouraging phrases or pictures. They are meant to be shared with the world so once they are painted you should spread them around. We also like to encourage people to add their kindness rocks to our kindness tree.

Can I make my own?

Yes, of course! All you need is a rock and some paint or markers. We like to find rocks while out on walks or on vacation. Then we spend time adding cool pictures and sayings like "You Rock" or "Keep Going". You can find tons of good ideas on pinterest. Then you can add them to your kindness tree or spread them anywhere you think someone would find them.


Little Free Library-coming soon!

We love when we see a little free library and we got inspired to add one of our own to the Kindness Korner. Papa Busenbark has started building it and we hope to have it up in April. You can see some inspo pictures here. We are dedicating the library in honor of my Nana, Mary Busenbark. She always read me the best books. The kindness library will also have a worries and wishes box!

Can I start my own?

Yes, go to for more information. You can find out all about it. They tell you how to start one, have free plans to build one or you can buy one. You can also register your little library. There are over 25,000 worldwide. How cool is that?


What are kindness kits?

Kindness kits are these little packets that we give to homeless people we see. They have useful items in them like food, socks, hand and feet warmers, toothbrushes and toothpaste. They also have shampoo, body wash, hand sanitizer and chapstick.. 

Can I make them?

If you want to make them it’s simple, buy a lot of plastic ziplock bags , and all the things I mentioned in what are kindness kits and then put them in your backpack, car, or bike and have them on hand for when you need.  Always pass them out when you see a homeless person who might need one.


Use art to do good!

I like to do creative things like art that will encourage others to be creative so that creativity can bring more kindness and compassion to the homeless and everyone! I sell my art on instagram and I use 1/2 the money I earn from my art sales to do good things like make kindness kits and donate to charity's like If you are interested in buying my art please email me at I even take special requests.

Sofia Ray Valko




About Me

Hi, my name is Sofia and I am 8 years old. I love doing art I even have an instagram account! When I was 7 I started selling my art so I could do good in the world. It makes me feel so good when I make someone’s day. I am also a great friend and I am very nice and loving, if I do so say myself! I like video games like all kids do but I also love books. I hope this website inspires people to try some of the things that we have done and spread kindness and joy in the world. Some of the organizations that I like to support are and